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Why Video Production Companies Should Outsource Video Editing

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In a competitive market, a lot of video production companies toy with the idea of outsourcing their video editing to lower-cost suppliers but how do you know you’ll maintain your same standard of production value? With Shak Studios video editing you are receiving the same production value with the added bonus of lower costs.

Video production companies that are looking for a video editor should consider partnering up with our editors at Shak Studios for video editing needs because we ourselves have been a production company. We know what it’s like working with clients day in and day out. It was only since 2020 that we decided to niche down as an online video editing platform to help video production companies, content creators, and small businesses with video editing.

In this article, we will give you a few reasons why video production companies should outsource their video editing and how we are helping video production companies with their video editing.

Problems with in-house editors

Ebbs and flows of work

We knew this problem all too well, this problem arises when there are periods of heavy and light workloads. This can be highly problematic for video production companies who are looking to keep a consistent flow of work going as well as maintain the quality the videos they are outputting.

Administration costs of employees

With the administration costs of employees such as payroll, tax returns and other administrative tasks there are also additional overheads that video production companies have to pay for.

Dealing with HR:

In any company with employees, there is a need for HR to take care of employee coordination. This includes recruitment, employment contracts, and firing help workers who are no longer up to the standard required by video production companies.

Cost of labor is expensive

The cost of labor in Western countries is expensive. For example, a standard video editor’s salary is around $55,000 to $70,000 per year ($25.00 to $35.00 per hour); whilst the same cost of output could be between $15,000 to $20,000 by hiring overseas or by using a video editing platform such as Shak Studios.

Problems With Freelance Editors


Unreliable with little commitment: 

The problem with freelance/contract video editing is that there’s no commitment. Video production companies need to hire freelancers or contract workers, who are likely not as committed over the long-term to the business and work quality standards. Let’s face it, every freelancer is one call away from their next 3 month project that mean you’re forgotten about.


Unlike in-house editors, freelancers are expensive to hire. The cost of a freelance editor is usually between $30.00 to $80.00 per hour. That adds up if you are using them for each and every project!

Problematic Quality

Using different freelancers leads to a lack of consistency. Video production companies need a certain level of quality when it comes to video editing, and freelancers can’t provide this.

Lack of consistent face to your clients

 If your clients are constantly working with different freelancers and contractors on their projects what does that say about your brand? It signifies that you don’t have your ship in order and they might as well go to Fiverr!

Why Shak Studios Editing Platform 

Lower Cost

Let’s face it, budget is always a factor in the video world, and you can’t always staff up to meet the needs of your video production. This is where outsourcing comes in! Outsourcing allows a company or individual to have an abundance of resources without having all the overhead that goes along with it. As I previously owned a video production company, I understand, when it rains it pours! and when it pours, you need to staff up quickly.

High-Quality Australian Editors

Shak Studios is proud to offer the best video editing service in Australia. We are constantly recruiting talented editors from all over the world, but our dedicated editors will always be based in Australia. That means that whenever you pickup the phone, or jump on zoom, you’ll be speaking to an Aussie.

No lock-in ‘plans’ = No commitments

With our simple-to-understand pay-as-you-go approach to video editing you don’t need to worry about working with expensive contractors or not being sure if hiring another in-house editor was the right move. Likewise, we don’t ‘lock you into a plan’ that you just won’t use.

Pay-as-you-go approach to video editing

Simply pre-pay for the number of Pro Minutes or Basic Minutes and you’re good to go. Not sure if you’ll ever use us again? No worries, that’s all good! Finish your Video Minutes and sayō nara! Got a bunch of video minutes leftover from a project? Feel free to use them on the next project. We are super flexible

7-Day Delivery Guaranteed

We understand that video production companies need to get their projects in fast and on time, which is why we guarantee a quick turnaround – 7 days turnaround. This isn’t a 7 day per video turnaround, but a 7 day per project turnaround!