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How to recording high quality audio on your phone microphone?

The secret to recording high quality audio on your phone microphone is to record in a quiet room with the person talking as close as possible to the microphone as possible.

We all carry with us the ability to record high quality audio in a moments notice. But very few of us actually know how to get the most out of our audio recordings. With a smartphone in your pocket, recording high quality audio has never been quicker or easier. Whether it is for a podcast interview or a client testimonial recording high quality audio on our phones are a tool that every entrepreneur should be utilising. But how do we make sure we are recording the high quality audio? Because we all know how horrible it is to listen to bad quality audio.

Here is how to improve the quality of the audio you recording:

Record in a quiet space

This might seem too obvious for some, but it cannot be overlooked. Your microphone is an incredibly sensitive tool which will pick up everything without prejudice. So before we even take out our phones the first thing we can do to make sure that we are able to capture high quality audio is to find a location or space that is quiet. This might mean moving away from a loud air conditioner, closing the door, asking people in the same room to stop talking for a while or even moving to a different space all together if you can hear traffic.

Switch phones to silent. The worst thing that can happen during that perfect take is a phone going off in the background. This takes a total 10 seconds to do and has saved me countless times.

Understanding how microphones work

When it comes to recording high quality audio audio on our phones we need to understand how our phone’s microphones work. Our phones use microphones which are called omni-directional microphones. Omni-directional microphones are microphones which capture sound in all directions, as oppose to directional microphones, which capture sound from one direction.
Phone microphones are fantastic at capturing high quality audio provided the microphone is as close to the subject as possible. When it comes to recording clear audio proximity is key. So rather than have your microphone 20 cm away from the person talking try having your phone’s microphone within 5 cm to the person talking.