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The Best Wireless Microphone under $200 – Rode Wireless Go

Interested in purchasing the best wireless microphone for under $200USD? Here is why you need the Rode Wireless Go.

Every decade or so a product comes out that just makes you go “oh wow that’s awesome” and usually its camera, lighting or computer related. It has been a while since we have seen any sound gear that’s made our heads turn. But when it comes to the Rode Wireless Go, “oh wow, that’s awesome” is kind of an understatement.

A Quick History Lesson: The Wireless Microphone before the Wireless Go

700MHz Radio Frequency Microphones

When I jumped into the Video Production game the wireless microphone of choice way the Senheizzer G3. This wireless mic was solid, but had a few features to be desired, with it’s AA batteries 🔋 it connected the transmitter and receiver using a 700MHz range which required you to connect to two microphones together on the same frequency. In the years proceeding 2010 the FCC instituted regulations that made it illegal to operate wireless microphones within the 700 MHz frequency range in the United States. Other countries adopted a similar regulations.

The rise of 2.4GHz Microphones

At this stage manufactures quickly jumped ship to 2.4GHz frequencies and brought in a new evolution of wireless microphones. These newer microphone could detect interference faster than the speed of sound and jump both the transmitter and receiver on to a new frequency to sustain high quality audio without interferance of other radio frequencies around the area.

Microphones such as the Senheizzer AVX and the Rode RodeLink were the first to unfold this evolution in wireless microphone technology. But there were a few quirks. The AVX, whilst a fantastic device cost around $800, pricing itself as as a very premium product for many content creators and whilst the RodeLink was more affordable, the units themselves were 4/5 times the size of the AVX and only took AA batteries still.

Needless to say, there was still a lot to be desired…..

The Rode Wireless Go – 👌A perfect wireless audio solution for an affordable price 👌

From launch the Rode Wireless Go turned heads. Just imagine:

  • Inbuilt Li-po battery rechargeable via USB
  • Battery 7 hours battery
  • each unit is 31 grams and 4.5cm square (that is TINY)
  • built in HIGH QUALITY microphone + ability to add professional Lav microphones.
  • 2.4 GHz auto frequency jumping
  • Up to 8 systems can all work in the same space

And cost…. less than $200.00 USD. That’s 4 times cheaper than the AVX system and includes a built in microphone.

Can the Wireless Go Stack up to the AVX?

Honestly yes. I personally own an AVX & a Wireless Go and I can confidently say that the Wireless GO does not leave a lot to be desired when compared to the AVX. The battery life is better than the AVX, the audio quality is with a plugged in professional Lav is equally as good and the frequency jumping works exactly the same.

Really the only thing I like better on the AVX is that the AVX has a twist thread connecting the transmitter and the Lav Mic cable so to ensure that the microphone does not disconnect accidentally.


Overall the Wireless Go is an INCREDIBLE device for every content creator. Whether you shoot videos, do podcasting on the go, vlog or just need better quality zoom audio the Wireless Go is a versatile tool that combines portability, high quality audio & reliability all into a single TINY package.