FREE 6 Week Challenge

Imagine Collecting Testimonial Videos On Auto-Pilot & For FREE

We’re selecting 10 businesses to take part in a FREE 6 Week Video Testimonial Collection Challenge. See if you qualify.

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Normally $1999.00

Use Ai to Collect Testimonial Videos

FREE 6 Week Challenge

Start collecting customer testimoinal videos today with our Ai interviewing platform for free in our 6 week challenge.
How to win the challenge

Collect 30 customer responses in 6 weeks
Win a FREE Professional Video Edit


Automated Self Captured Testimonials

Customer Response Collection Support


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Sign up to our 6 Week Challenge. We’ll build you an Ai Interviewing Video Collecting Link for you to send to your customers and gather testimonial videos on Auto-Pilot.

If you get 30 customers to give you a testimonial through the link we’ll gift you a FREE edited video + you get to keep the 30 Collected Customer Responses.

  2. Collect up to 30 customer responses in 6 weeks
  3. PAY NOTHING, KEEP THE colllected customer responses & possibly win a free edited video
What is the FREE 6 Week Challenge?

The FREE 6 Week Challenge is a program where selected businesses can collect customer video testimonials using an Ai-powered video collector tool. The challenge consists of gathering 30 testimonials within six weeks.

The Ai Interviewing Video Collecting Link is a specially designed tool that facilitates the automatic collection of video testimonials. It provides an on-brand, AI-guided interview experience for customers to easily submit their testimonials.

Demo can be provided upon request to

We’re looking for a diverse range of businesses that are keen to strengthen their brand through customer testimonials. To see if you qualify, please book a demo with us & we can confirm your eligibility.
Not every business who books a call will be eligible.
If you do not collect 30 responses, you will not win the free video edit. However, you will still be able to download any testimonials collected during the challenge & will not be charged.
Remember that most video production businesses would charge $1000+ Per Day Shooting video testimonials, so for most businesses collecting 10 testimonial videos is still a stupidly good deal for FREE.
No, there are no costs involved in the 6 week challenge.
Participants will have a dedicated account manager who’ll be able to jump on a meeting, call or email you back within 24 hours, customer response collection support, and coaching on how to request testimonials effectively.
Your success is our success.
Yes, as part of the challenge, you get downloadable testimonials that you can use for your marketing. We also provide media releases and waivers to ensure you have the rights to use the content from your customer. We also reserve the rights to use the testimonials for our own marketing purposes, showcasing the effectiveness of our tool and the success stories of businesses like yours.
After the challenge ends, if you’ve collected 30 videos, you get to keep all the content & receive a free edited video. If you have collected less than 30, you’ll just get to keep the responses you collected.
You will also be offered a special offer to continue on our remote testimonial video packages without paying the once-off setup fee of $1999.
By the end of the 6 week challenge you must have 30 responses by individual people. These must be customers of your business.
It is imperative to gather 30 unique testimonials from real customers of your business.
Submissions from family members and friends are not permissible, as we seek authentic customer experiences. Should there be any doubt regarding the validity of the 30 responses, we may kindly request evidence of genuine customer interactions to ensure the integrity of the testimonials.
We know our product is the best way for businesses to collect testimonial videos & we just want to show you.
We believe in the power of authentic customer stories. They can transform a business’s credibility and trustworthiness overnight. By doing this challenge, we aim to showcase the effectiveness of our tool and help businesses like yours leverage the most powerful marketing asset you have: your satisfied customers.
Our goal is to create a win-win situation. You get valuable content that can boost your brand, and we get to demonstrate the strength of our platform. Plus, when you succeed, it’s likely you’ll want to continue working with us. It’s all about building long-term relationships based on mutual success.

Terms and Conditions for Shak Studios’ Free 6 Week Challenge

Introduction: Shak Studios invites selected businesses to join our Free 6 Week Challenge, designed to empower you to collect video testimonials on auto-pilot using our Ai interviewing platform. By participating, you agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. Eligibility and Participation: 1.1. Participation requires an inquiry to Shak Studios for eligibility confirmation. 1.2. Shak Studios will select businesses for participation based on specific criteria. 1.3. Participants agree to gather 30 unique customer video testimonials in six weeks using our platform.

  2. Challenge Rewards: 2.1. Successfully collecting 30 authentic testimonials within the timeframe will earn participants an edited video valued at $1,000 at no charge. 2.2. Participants who fail to meet the Challenge’s requirements will not receive the edited video but can keep any testimonials gathered during the Challenge period.

  3. Testimonial Collection and Verification: 3.1. Participants will use the provided Ai Interviewing Video Collecting Link to collect testimonials. 3.2. Testimonials must be genuine, coming from actual customers. 3.3. We may verify the authenticity of testimonials. Disqualified testimonials will not count towards the Challenge.

  4. Use of Testimonials: 4.1. Participants can use the collected testimonials in marketing materials upon completion of the Challenge. 4.2. It is necessary to acquire appropriate rights to use customer content. 4.3. Shak Studios reserves the right to use the testimonials in our marketing.

  5. Support During the Challenge: 5.1. Shak Studios offers support, including a dedicated account manager, as well as customer response collection support and coaching on acquiring testimonials.

  6. Post-Challenge Opportunities: 6.1. Following the Challenge, participants may receive special offers for continued services without the setup fee.

  7. Legal Usage of Testimonials: 7.1. Testimonials gathered must respect legal rights, including media releases and waivers.

  8. Post-Challenge Content Ownership: 8.1. After the Challenge, participants keep all testimonial content collected, plus a free edited video if 30 videos are gathered.

  9. Authenticity Requirement: 9.1. Thirty responses must come from separate individual customers, excluding family and friends, to ensure authenticity.

  10. Company’s Challenge Objective: 10.1. The Challenge aims to demonstrate the value of collecting video testimonials through our platform.

  11. Change of Participant Number: Shak Studios reserves the right to change the number of Participant that partake in the challenge. This challenge is dynamic and all remaining spots & numbers shown on this page may not be up to date. 

Confirmation: Participation in Shak Studios’ Free 6 Week Challenge constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.