Marketing your private practice: Top digital Marketing tips for Therapists

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So, you want to practice your therapy but don’t know how to make your clients find you? Gone are the days when people searched for help from advertisements and banners for their private practice marketing. Now, most of the marketing is done digitally. In our article, we give you our top tips to market your private practice online for therapists. Subsequently, we will focus hugely on generating more video content to engage your clients.

private practice marketing private practice marketing private practice marketing
Private practice marketing strategies for the ideal client

This will help them reach you in a much more convenient way. Moreover, we also have a video course on our website that helps health professionals from all sorts of backgrounds, may it be therapy, nutrition, etc to generate more video content. Furthermore, in our course, we teach you how to create professional videos that will help your clients get to know you and your field better. To begin with, the following will be our digital marketing tips for therapists when it comes to private practice marketing.

Creating a great social media platform

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Create a blog post on your own website and link it with other social media platforms

The number one tip should be to target your audience where they are most likely to be present. Nearly 91% of Millenials are using social media on the daily basis. Social Media is a great marketing tool for growing your reach and marketing your private practice digitally. Assuming most of your patients are Millenials, they are most likely to be on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Try to market your therapy there as much as you can. Your goal should be to connect with them and be readily available to people, whenever they want. Engage your clients, give them the option to message you on your respective social media platforms. Try to be available on as many social media platforms as you can. For instance, if you are on Facebook try to market your private therapy through making an online page. However, make sure if you are creating a page on Facebook, you are available to your clients whenever they message. Make online chat available so they can inquire about details about your private practice and ask questions regarding their sessions.

Moreover, generate more video content which we will talk about in our article in detail. In addition to generating more video content, you need to post more on your Facebook too. If you want to target them on Instagram, make sure to create a great feed that matches your private practice well, and enable the option for clients to send a direct message. On top of everything, make sure that you are adding a direct link to your website for your private practice. Also, make sure you are including it in the bio, so the client doesn’t miss the link.

Paid ads for social media to grow your reach

private practice marketing strategy free marketing strategies for ideal client
Private practice marketing through paid social media campaigns

Now, assuming that you are using your social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as a private practice marketing strategy, but your reach is still not growing. To tackle this, start considering paid ads for social media. Use the algorithm of Facebook and Instagram to your advantage. A paid ad can get in front of so many eyes which can result in many more visits to your site ultimately allowing more clients to book appointments with you. The key here is to target the audience where they are most likely to be present at.

Why do you need Google My Business for your private practice marketing strategy?

Google My Business is a google tool that allows its users to manage how their business appears on Google Maps and Google Search to new potential clients when they search for your type of field. If you are a business owner, Google My Business enables you to update the name of your private practice, it’s opening and closing timings, locations, and much more. Moreover, it also gives its users insights into how their private practice marketing strategy is efficiently performing for the ideal client and what are his/her reviews. Additionally, it gives you valuable information about how, when, why, and where people are searching for your therapy practice.

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Smart private practices to find potential clients and successful business

Google My Business is a must-have tool to claim specific niche words that are important for your private therapy and that your clients are searching locally, especially with local based private therapies. Moreover, as the search queries like “best therapist near me” “ Best private practice office near me” are becoming the everyday normal, local businesses such as those who do private practice or therapy are forced to adjust to modern methods to stay relevant online.

Why would one need to update Google My Business

Google has recently switched to mobile search results whenever you are searching from a mobile device. Google will now show the top Google My Business cards over the typical landing pages or websites as we’ve seen in the past. If you keep your Google My Business account updated, it will not only keep your customers updated with the latest information, photos, offers, and updates about your private practice/therapy, but it will also increase your local exposure along with Google ranking. Keep in mind that 61% of Google Traffic goes to the top 3 results. So, ideally, you would want to enlist your private therapy in the top 3, or at least the top 5 search results. Google My Business will help make that happen.

Moreover, Google My Business is free. Although, still you can always run a version of Google AdWords through this platform. So the budget will be according to your choice and needs.

You can download the free mobile app to update your information regarding your private practice.

Google My Business Reviews

Reviews are considered as one of the strongest forms of influence on Google, so private practitioners must encourage customers to leave reviews on their page. Moreover, it is equally important for therapists or practitioners to respond to the reviews given by clients. This ultimately builds a better client relationship as it shows that you are thankful for their support. On top of that, this can ultimately lead to increase your ranking online.  If you think about it, the more reviews you get, the more credibility you will get leading to a higher ranking online.

Pay-per-click ads

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Boost your marketing efforts through PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click is a form of advertisement model on the internet which is used to gain more traffic on your websites. Pay-per-click ads work in such a way that an advertiser pays the publisher when an ad is clicked. It is also commonly associated with a first-tier search engine.

PPC ads are displayed above the organic search results and targeted to specific demographics. This is a brilliant way to build your practice if you are just beginning. To get the clicks from your clients so they can visit your website can be time-consuming. The reason is to get in the top 3 results from an organic search can take time and moreover, if you are not in the top 3, you probably aren’t going to get any traffic from the ads.

Tips for Pay-per-click ads

Below, we have mentioned some tips for pay-per-click ads.

Mobile pay per click ads

It was reported in 2015 that more people tend to search for anything from their phones and tablets compared to personal computers. Furthermore, growth in pay per click advertising is almost solely driven by mobile device usage. Now, with the additional impressions from mobile searches, it is much important than ever to make sure your campaigns are fully optimized for mobile searchers.

Audience Targeting and Remarketing

The biggest change to pay per click ads was the introduction of Customer Match. This allowed pay per click marketers to target clients in AdWords using their emails. This is a great feature as it ensures that your ads reach customers on your lists wherever they are available online.

On top of that, you are able to remarket to searches that are specifically based on the device being used to search. Remarketing is a great tool if combined with mobile advertising. For instance, someone clicks your AdWords ad on the desktop would later be able to see a remarketing ad on their iPhone. The benefit is that the iPhone ad could be designed specifically for the user to take some action like downloading the app.

Pinterest Ads

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Pinterest marketing strategies to attract more clients

Pinterest recently unrelieved a new feature that allows brands to upload and schedule promoted pins. Moreover, this not only opens up Pinterest ads to a broader audience but also allows clients to search based on niche-specific keywords. This feature is not included in Facebook Ads. This shift in social media advertising, from traditional typical ads to niche-specific keywords that targeted the audience proved significant for digital marketing. As a result, this allowed marketers to create high-quality ads that are relevant to clients. Moreover, this can aid in their buying decisions. The following are some tips to help you get the most out of Pinterest ads.

Tips for Pinterest Ads

  1. Using Calls to Action in your description can improve conversion rates that are on promoted pins.
  2. Focusing on your keyword can also prove beneficial in Pinterest. You are basically allowed 150 keywords. Although, it’s best that you start with up to 10 keywords for your private practice or therapy and then expand from there.
  3. Pinterest ads are cheap compared to Facebook and Instagram, so you can start your campaign with as high as $0.85 ad bids. Then, optimize downwards from there.
  4. Keep testing and optimizing your ad campaigns. Moreover, always be on the lookout of how your ad is performing and also avoid overspending on any particular ad group.

Ad Extensions

Google has announced recently about the ad extensions that they are contingent upon the ad position. Only the ads that are in the top ranking can use ad extensions and have their benefits. If you are able to actually reach the top three spots in Bing and Adwords, then you need to be implementing ad extensions on your ads. Below, we give you some tips to get the most out of your ad extensions.

  1. Try to include info for your private practice such as rating and price.
  2. Review extensions that show positive feedback from clients.
  3. Always include a map that points to your business location. This works really well for local businesses.
  4. Use links that point to the key pages on your private practice website. These links are called “sitelinks”.
  5. For commercial holidays such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, include “Deals” extensions.

Using email to stay in touch with your clients

own practice for mental health professionals mental health professionals
Email is one of the best marketing strategies for private practice

One of the most important tips for digital marketing, may it be for therapy or any other private practice is to always use an email. Using the email can help you get in touch with your clients. They can contact you and ask about any queries or maybe book appointments through the email. The key is to give relevant personal information that can help build a better customer relationship.

Moreover, if you have a hefty email list, try to consider adding email marketing to the digital plan. Email marketing is a great way to keep your clients informed of promotions, changes to the place, or announcement of new rates or office staff. In addition to that, you can share information regarding your private practice with clients.

Generating more video content

As talked previously in the article, the top tip is generating more video content. This can help your private practice, in the long run, to stay relevant for your new clients. You can discuss important information about your therapy and just general info regarding your field of work with clients in form of bite-sized vids. This will help them get comfortable with you when they meet you and moreover, this can lead to a great client relationship.

Have a link to your Youtube channel on your social media platforms. You can include this link in the bio for your Facebook and Instagram profiles. This will help clients to check your channel and see for the video content that you posted on your Youtube. Moreover, try to post video content more often as watching content with good captions is going to get much more attention than reading an article for your therapy practice.

Health Professional’s guide to making videos

We have our own course that can guide you to generate more video content. In our course, we teach you how you can generate quality video content even from your phone. You have seen many health professionals that create videos for their Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channels. The key is to increase your brand awareness by generating more video content and attract potential new clients.

With a total watch time of 3 hours, we have divided our course into 5 foundational lessons. These lessons will dramatically improve your video content quality. These foundational videos are more sort of steps that build on the last one and carry the step subsequently to produce professional videos without any failure.

Each of our foundations is composed of 2 separate activities:

In the “Lesson” activity, you basically watch a learning content of no more than 30 minutes. In these 30 minutes, you will be guided along with real-life examples with Anytime Psycho to demonstrate specific concepts.

In the “Action” activity, you will put everything you learned from our Lesson activity and then make video content about it. This will ultimately lead you into the habit of making videos more often. On top of everything, by the time you complete the course, you will be able to share 5 videos regarding your private practice with your clients.

Click here to learn more

What you learn in our course

In our course “Health Professional’s guide to making videos”, you will learn the basic videography skills that will help you in creating better video content to be posted on your social media profiles. The following are some aspects that we will teach you in our course:

  1. Deciding where to film
  2. Setting up your camera
  3. Overview of basic camera settings
  4. Recording professional tier audio
  5. Lighting up your video
  6. Editing your video

You can access our course “Health Professional’s guide to making videos” from our website for $300. You will be able to get full lifetime access to our course on Mobile and TV.


So, in our article, we have given you a great overview of marketing your private practice digitally through the help of social media,  Search Engine Optimization based content, and payable clickable ads. However, the most important tip would still be to generate more video content and post it on your relevant social media profiles. In the end, we have mentioned our own course that provides you with a guide on everything you need to know about creating videos for marketing your private practice.