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Why Content Creators should Outsource Their Video Editing

Youtuber recording her video in the studio

Are you a YouTubers, bloggers, podcasters, educator, or membership site owner that is in the business of making money from their online video content? If you are, you should seriously consider outsourcing your video editing.

Why outsource my editing?

The first question you might ask is “why do I need to outsource my video editing?” The answer is simple. You are a content creator, and your time is worth significantly more creating new content rather than sitting in front of a computer. Editing great video content on your own can be time-consuming and expensive; especially if you’re not skilled at video editing.

Ultimately it really comes down to what is the best use of your time and unless you teach video editing on YouTube I can assume that your time is better spent on other things!

Let’s cover some of the major benefits of outsourcing your video editing

Get better quality work

I know that for me, the best use of my money is on high-quality products from experienced professionals. I always want my blog posts or YouTube videos to be as good as possible so it’s worth getting help with outsourcing your video editing. If you’re not an expert at video editing then take the opportunity to hire someone who really knows what they are doing!

Save time and be more productive!

If you decide to hire Shak Studios then there’s only one thing left to do: get back out there, create more videos, build your audience, grow your brand awareness and make some money. You’ll have all the time in the world to focus on what matters most because outsourcing video editing will save you loads of time (you can even take a nap!)

Outsourcing your video editing systematizes your content creation process

We all know that good systems are what make and break businesses, it allows some businesses to effortlessly scale, and others to get buried by their lack of systems. Outsourcing your video editing can help you systematize the way that you create videos; this will allow you to focus on other aspects of content creation whilst knowing that all of these tasks are being handled efficiently for you.

By outsourcing your video editing you are more consistent

If you want to grow your business and become a household name, then consistency is key. You’ll be able to focus more on what matters most by outsourcing your video editing which will allow for greater consistency in the quality of your content that you create without having to worry about it being up-to-par with industry standards or not

Get back time for you & your family

I know from experience how hard it can be when every minute spent working counts because life never stops, side-hustles are hard! This is why I recommend investing in professionals who are experienced at video production so they can do all the heavy lifting while you have more free time.

Focus on other important tasks while the editor does all work

Save your own time for more important tasks. While an editor takes care of the mundane task of video editing you could be developing content. By focusing on creating new ideas, blog posts or podcasts then you’ll be able to get ahead of competitors with high-quality & consistent content being pumped out faster than they do!

Get an expert opinion every time

Who wouldn’t want an outside view when trying something new? When outsourcing video editing it provides opportunities for feedback and suggestions from different perspectives. This creates a better understanding about how others see your content.

Who can you outsource your video editing to?

  • Outsourcing to a post-production company
  • Outsource to a local/in-person freelancer
  • Employ an in-house video editor
  • Hire a virtual assistant or VA to do your video editing
  • Outsource to an online freelancer through Fiverr or Upwork
  • Outsource to an unlimited editing service such as video husky or vidchop
  • Outsource to Shak Studios for post-production company quality at VA like pricing

I actually have an article that breaks down the pros and cons of each of these options coming soon.

Are you overwhelmed with video editing?

As a fellow content creator, I’ve been there…

As content creating side-hustlers ourselves we know first hand what it’s like to be time-poor, constantly trying to get ahead of your content schedule. It’s hard. Content creation burn out is a real thing.

It’s from this place of overwhelmment (if that’s even a word) that we created Shak Studios, to give other content creators an affordable way to delegate some of their video editing workload.

Why Shak Studios for your video editing outsourcing?

  • Pay-as-you-go with no lock-in commitment
  • Unlimited storage options for those with TBs of media (no seriously, we mean unlimited)
  • As cheap as $14.5 per minute of video editing!
  • Dedicated Australian Editor that you can actually pick up the phone and talk with
  • Split pricing for Pro Minutes (commercial Quality) and Basic Minutes (Talking heads & Vlogs) so that you don’t overpay.
  • We work on an unlimited number of videos at a time, none of this 2 day cueing you see at other so-called “unlimited video editing platforms”
  • Access footage, request new video, priorities projects and communicate with your editing team all in one place with our Microsoft Teams integration