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Camera lenses
Best APS-C Sony a6500 Lens for Video
August 25, 2020

Sony a6500 is the portable, lightweight, budget friendly video powerhouse from Sony. It is an ASP-C sensor camera, therefore it does…

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The Best Wireless Microphone under $200 – Rode Wireless Go
August 17, 2020

Interested in purchasing the best wireless microphone for under $200USD? Here is why you need the Rode Wireless Go. Every decade…

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Best RF Lenses for Video
August 14, 2020

With the release of the Canon EOS R5 & R6 video shoots of all loyalties are jumping ship to the new…

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How to create a professional YouTube video
July 19, 2020

The Dream Making a living from the comfort of your own house is a dream to a lot of people in…

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