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How To Make Marketing Videos: A 3 Step Guide

Creating high-quality video content is one of the most effective ways to get your message out there and grab potential customers’ attention. But how do you create video content for your brand? Creating video content can be as simple as picking up your phone camera and going live, or it can be as complex as a $500,000 car commercial. The important part is to start with why and constantly keep asking yourself the question, why am I creating these videos. This will keep you on track regarding “What content” is most important for your customers.

The 3 step guide to creating video content for your brand:

Step One: Ask yourself Why are you using creating videos for your brand?

Video marketing is a great way to take your brand’s story and share it with the world! It can be used for many different purposes, from telling stories about how you create products to sharing tips that help solve problems. Not only does video help tell your company’s story, but it also helps improve conversions on social media sites like Facebook – this means more people are visiting your site and becoming customers! Videos also have higher SEO rankings than text pages or images because they show up in Google search results more frequently when someone searches for content related to what you’re talking about.

But this shouldn’t be the only reason you’re creating videos for your brand.

Ultimately it is about understanding who is your tribe, your audience, your people and how are they consuming content? 99% of all people I ask this question reply with ‘video’ as their answer (in one form or another).

Of course, two audiences might consume completely different video content on different platforms through differing mediums. However, the day and age has come that everyone is watching videos.

Step Two: Record high-quality footage

A Professional camera does not mean professional quality

Sometimes using a phone camera might be more appropriate if you don’t know anything about camera settings. The auto settings on newer phone cameras will get you 90% of the way.

Here are some times to improving the quality of your footage:

  • Use a tripod to minimize shaking and ensure that your video is stable.
  • Use a mic if you have one.
  • Keep your lighting consistent by avoiding bright spots and shadows.
  • Consider filming in portrait or landscape depending on the output.

Step Three: Professional video editing goes a long way

Even more important than having amazingly polished video recording is your video editing. There are heaps of different options when it comes to video editing, from Fiverr to hiring a professional production company. We would recommend that most brands check out what Shak Studios offers, as we provide production company quality at Fiverr prices.

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