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11 Best Video Editing Services: A Business Manual

African video editor working with footage and sound

In a world of social media & online operations, businesses need to create online content constantly to stay relevant. And no content is more engaging than video content.

But when it comes to outsourcing your video editing, choosing the right video editing service is difficult. There are so many to choose from and they all have their own pros and cons. And with the rise in globalization, you no longer need to choose a local outsource video editing service company. A video editor in Bangalore could do the same job as someone in Florida.

video editing service

We’ve narrowed down the list of some amazing video editing services for you so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the best video editing service specialist who can provide the best for your needs.

Our Picks for 11 Best Video Editing Services

raw footage for video editing services
Raw Footage

In a continuously evolving landscape of video content, narrowing down what might be right for your business or project is difficult. Our helpful list of the 11 Best Video Editing Services will aid you in that process.

This blog is pretty lengthy, so here’s a quick list of the best online video editing services mentioned below:

  1. Shak Studios
  2. Video Husky
  3. VidChop
  4. Vidpros
  5. Viddedit
  6. Shoosta
  7. Fiverr Video Editors
  8. Bark
  9. Hiring Editor from Overseas
  10. Local Freelancer
  11. A Local Video Production Company

1. Shak Studios

Shak Studios is an Australian-Based, online, video editing service that helps businesses and content creators create constant video content.

Shak Studios caters to small business needs, full-time content creators, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media champions… and really, anybody creating wanting to create videos online.

Video Editing Services
Video Editing Services

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

Getting video editing service at Shak Studios really couldn’t be easier.

Let’s explore how this is done…

On sign-up, a few things happen:

  1. You are introduced to your dedicated account manager (DAM).
  2. You are provided Unlimited Cloud Storage to upload your brand files, raw footage, and all graphics.
  3. You are set up with a Microsoft Teams Team for all communication.
  4. Your DAM will consult with you regarding your brand, style, the churn rate of content, and even video marketing!

Your DAM is also an expert video editor in its own right and will be working on and overseeing all of your video edits.

What makes Shak Studios so good in ease of use, workflow, and time involvement is that everything is done on the setup.

After which, your time involvement is very minimal, you could literally message your DAM saying “I need 10 x 30-second videos that use the content from XYZ blog” and it’d be done. No script-writing, no explaining your brand or how you’d like your videos to use animation over stock footage. Your DAM already understands your branding and can act accordingly.

7 days later you’d receive an email & message saying your video is ready for review, and reviewing your videos is also easy since Shak Studios uses Vimeo’s state-of-the-art reviewing tool.

Affordability & Method of Charging

Shak Studios offer 3 video editing subscription plans. The cost range from $299 to $1149 per month depending on which plan and if you select monthly or yearly.

What makes Shak Studios’ pricing unique is its pay-per-minute approach to editing videos. This is done with Editing Credits, whereby

1 Editing Credit = 1 minute of Basic Video Editing

Basic Video Editing are tasks such as interview editing, vlogs, testimonial videos & talking head videos.


10 Editing Credits = 1 minute of Pro Video Editing

Pro Video Editing are tasks such as commercials, showcase videos, and promotions.

This is unlike any other video editing service in the market and allows businesses to budget video editing really efficiently and simply.

Video Editing Quality

trustworthy video editing
Trustworthy Video Editing Company

As a former full-service video production company, the Shak Studios video editing team provides some of the highest-quality video editing services on the market.

All of their video editors edit with Adobe Premiere Pro as their video editing software, making integration into a video production company’s workflow seamless.

Audio mixing, motion graphics, colour-grading, lower-thirds, effects, and transitions all come as standard in their video editing services.

Time-Frame & Scheduling

Shak Studios is one of the video editing services that guarantees that any individual video will have a turn-around time of 7 days, however, if a task is deemed ‘urgent’ you can have it completed in 48 hours.

But time-frame isn’t really a concern for Shak Studios customers because of their preparation and scheduling ethos.

The Shak Studios ethos around time-frames and scheduling is the same as benjamin franklin.

“If you fail to plan, prepare to fail”.

Consistent content is all about being proactive rather than reactive. So at this video editing services, it’s rare that customers are behind on content, your DAM works with you to get in front of your upload schedule so that you’re always a month or two in front!

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

Shak Studios offer everything from corporate videos, Instagram stories, real-estate videos, and wedding videos to showreel video. Really is no type of video they can’t do.

Standard inclusions:

  • Animations
  • Stock photos
  • Music and Sound Effects

Add-Ons include:

Unlimited Stock Video – $49.00 pm

Unlimited Transcribing & Subtitling – $99.00 pm

2. Video Husky

Video Husky is a New Jersey based video editing company that can help you with high-quality output quickly at an affordable price. They have a team of professional video editors and thus, deliver unimaginable creative works through images and videos. From colour grading, text animation templates, and incorporation of subtitles to audio syncing, thumbnails, and transitions, Video Husky can help you with different editing types. 

Video Husky works with an in-house team of experienced professionals, who can help businesses and content creators with their incredible videos enveloped in quality and efficient video editing services. One can submit an unlimited amount of video projects to this agency and can expect unlimited revisions on the same. However, the professionals at Video Husky prefer to work on one video project at a time. 

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

Unlike freelance editors or full-time employees, Video Husky’s experienced video editing team can be a part of a video project in just a few minutes. However, they prefer to work on short videos of a length of 10-20 minutes and size 20-40GB. 

This professional video editing services works only with clients who are creating content for themselves or their businesses. Unlike other services, Video Husky does not work on stock footage and prefers to work with proper audio editing and original raw footage with a clear vision. 

The process of hiring Video Husky consists following steps:

  1. Subscription Options – You can choose from a wide range of video enhancing add-ons, such as unlimited thumbnails, incorporation of subtitles and so on. The best part with Video Husky is that one can make the most out of this video editing company for one flat fee. The agency provides both monthly and quarterly subscription options to its clients. 
  2. Personal Account Manager & Editor – Once signed up with Video Husky, each client gets an account manager and a personal editor to handle their projects. Account Managers are the main point of contact to keep you updated about your projects. On the other hand, personal editors follow different editing techniques to meet your content goals. 
  3. Complete Personal Bio – Once signed in and connected with a personal Account Manager, it’s time to share all the important information to meet content goals. This helps to create high-quality videos representing the brand. 
  4. New Project Dashboard – On completion of bio, you need to create an account on Wrike, where you can submit your projects and see the status of the tasks while communicating with the editing team and using proofing tools. 
  5. Starting the First Project – You need to share the link of the raw footage with the editing team and fill all the necessary instructions in the form. You can also provide them with example videos for better understanding. 
  6. Take Up To 30GB of Footage – Video Husky takes around 3-5 business days to create the first draft for footage more than 30GB. However, for files of more than 30GB, you have to mention the additional footage on the video request form.
  7. Getting the First Draft – You can expect the first draft of the project in just 1-2 business days. Before uploading the draft to your account, the Account Manager makes sure to quality check the edited videos. 
  8. Easily Sync-Up the Video – While watching through the first video draft, you can click on any area of the video and open up a comment box to provide instructions to the editor. 
  9. Unlimited Video Requests – You can make as many revisions as you want before approving the final copy. Once approved, you can mark the project as “complete” and submit the next request. 

Affordability & Method of Charing

Video Husky has 2 video editing subscription plans – Monthly plans and Quarterly plans. The price ranges from $360 to $600 per month, depending upon which plan you are selecting. 

Monthly Subscription:

The video editing company offers 2 plans under its Monthly subscription plan. If you want your personal editor to work for 3 days a week, you have to pay $400 per month. On the other hand, if they work for you for 5 days a week, you need to shell out $600 per month. 

Quarterly Subscription:

Just like the Monthly subscription plan, Video Husky’s Quarterly subscription offers 2 plans. To enjoy their services 3 days a week, pay $300 per month. Similarly, for 5 days, you have to pay $540 a month.

Video Editing Quality

Video Husky is very particular about its quality output. Thus, to provide their clients with utmost satisfaction, they assign project managers to them. The project managers are experienced and trained editors who quality check each of your videos before uploading them on your account. 

Also, all the in-house editors with Video Husky are regularly trained with the latest tools and common video editing techniques to provide you with the best outcome. To deliver high-quality work, the management evaluates its editors on a daily basis. 

Time-Frame & Scheduling

After sharing your video project with the expert team of video editors at Video Husky, you can expect the first draft in just 1-2 business days. Thus, you can stay relaxed and focus on other important things while your personal editor is working to provide you with the best output. However, you can expect this turnaround if you are submitting up to 30GB of footage. 

Does your footage exceed 30GB? As larger files take more time to download and review, the first draft for more than 30 GB of footage gets delivered within 3-5 business days. 

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

Video Husky deals with different types of videos like vlogs, Ads, tutorials, online courses, interviews, travel videos, review videos, and so on. However, the video editing services that this agency excludes are wedding videos, music videos, animations, videos longer than 30 minutes, and voiceovers. 

To customize your videos, even more, Video Husky offers add-ons on your purchase after you opt for a subscription plan. Two of the add-ons with this video editor service are- 

  • Unlimited Thumbnails – Add personalized thumbnails in your videos to enjoy more views.
  • Spell-Checked Subtitles – Enjoy video transcription and subtitles of 60 minutes.

3. VidChop

VidChops is one of the best video editing services that has been helping small businesses, vloggers, YouTubers, and digital marketers to create high-quality videos that engage and improve brand image. 

With an aim to create quality videos and save time, VidChops makes use of creativity and the latest technology in all their projects.  This video editing service provider not only gives you a dedicated editor but also reliable support, expert consultancy, and a great turnaround time.

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

VidChops is a subscription-based video editing company that offers quality services at reasonable pricing. 

Getting started with VidChops is super easy. 

All you need to do is upload your video footage and complete a form. That’s it. The video editing company will make sure to provide you with the draft within 2 business days. 

After subscribing to a plan, create an account in VidChops editorial portal. There, you have to go through a few questions like your brand, video type, content goals, and so on. This is a process that is important to complete your profile with the portal. Once you have filled up all the information, the company will provide you with a dedicated editor within 8 hours. VidChops will also provide you with a shared Google drive folder where you can upload your video footage. 

Here’s the detailed process: 

  • Upload videos to the Google drive provided by VidChops.
  • Send video requests from the portal.
  • The dedicated editor will take charge of that project.
  • Check different stages involved in editing videos through the portal.
  • Receive an email with a link from VidChops on completion of the task.
  • Download the video from the link provided.

Affordability & Method of Charging

Whether you are a video-savvy person who uploads videos regularly or a content creator who publishes less frequent videos, VidChops has great video editor plans for all! Also, if dissatisfied with the output, the company gives you a full refund within the first 14 days. 

If you are less frequent with your videos,  a single chop might be the best subscription plan for you. 

Do you upload your videos every week? VidChops’ weekly chop can be the best fit for you.

For video creators who are regular with their videos, the unlimited chops subscription plan works the best!  

  • Weekly Chops = $325/month (4 Edited Videos)
  • Unlimited Chops = $595/month (8-12 Edited Videos)
  • Double Chops = $995/month (16-20 Edited Videos)

Video Editing Quality

Editors at the video editing company, VidChops are experienced and trained to provide you with quality output. Well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques, editors at Vidchops work on FCPX and Premiere Pro. 

On signing up with VidChops, you get a dedicated account manager and an editor for your projects. The editors with this company are trained under senior editors and that’s their secret sauce! 

The editors with VidChops have objective eyes and thus, they make sure to incorporate clips where you look your best and the ones that are important for your viewers. To make your video truly appealing and engaging, their account managers ask you about your content goals, style and other important questions related to your videos during the onboarding process. Once edited, you can go through the edited video and ask your dedicated video editor for changes if needed. VidChops offers unlimited revisions to make the video perfect!  

Time-Frame & Scheduling

The turnaround time that you can expect with VidChops is just 2 days!

Once you get your video back, you can always ask your dedicated editor for revisions. AND by revision, we mean UNLIMITED revisions. 

Revisions take 1 day! 

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

From Facebook ads and Instagram videos to YouTube videos and other promotional videos, VidChops can help you with different types of edit options. The editors at VidChops are experienced and trained and have edited over 3,000 videos at this point. They edit for real estate, commercials and online course videos. 

However, the areas that they mostly avoid are:

  • Voiceovers
  • Videos longer than 15 minutes
  • 2D or 3D animations

Want to add subtitles to your video? 

For all plans, one needs to pay $95/month to enjoy this service.

4. Vidpros

professional video editing services

Vidpros is one of the professional video editing services that is known for keeping a low editor-to-client ratio. Thus, Vidpros is a “Fractional Video Editing” company. This feature of Vidpros makes it easy for their editors to deliver quality output in a much lesser turnaround time.

The video editing company works for clients like YouTubers, agencies, real estate, course creators, videographers, and so on. This US-based video editing company meets the output requirements of its clients by maintaining high-quality standards. 

The types of edits that Vidpros deal with are colour grading, and incorporation of transcription or subtitles. lower thirds. text animation templates, transitions, and thumbnails. multi-cam, and so on.

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

With Vidpros, submitting your videos and getting your edits done is easy as pie!

  • To start the process, you first need to choose the subscription plan that fits your editing needs. Once signed up, log in to Vidpros’ portal to submit your projects. 
  • Vidpros will provide you with unlimited storage to provide the editing team with all your raw files. The edited files also will be kept by the editors in this storage space. 
  • Vidpros also assigns a dedicated editor to each of its clients after signing up. They will ask you about your content style and goals to work for you accordingly. 
  • For submitted videos, you can expect a turnaround time of 1-2 days for completion of editing videos. 
  • On subscription, you can also access Vidpros royalty-free stock footage and audio for incorporating into your video. 
  • After editing videos, the editors send you the edited file overnight. After getting the edited file, you can request any revisions or mark it as complete. For this review and revision process, Vidpros makes use of the platform. 

Vidpros work on all the editing types that can be done with Premiere Pro. They avoid doing motion graphics. However, they make use of templates for common animations like lower thirds, intros, and end cards. 

Affordability & Method of Charging 

Vidpros offers 3 video editing subscription plans that range from $395/month to $2000/month. 

Whether you are an individual content creator, a business owner, or an agency, Vidpros has a plan for you. 

Basic Plan- $395/Month

  • 2-3 days turnaround time
  • Guarantees 1 hr/day of work
  • Access to stock video and music
  • Get 100GB storage space

 The Vidpro Best Value- $595/Month

  • 1-2 days turnaround time
  • Guarantees 2 hr/day work
  • Access to stock videos and music
  • Get unlimited storage space
  • Can include thumbnails
  • Can include human captions

Agency Plans 

  • Plans starting at $2000 per/month
  • White-label video editing
  • High-quality video content + more quantity

*White label video editing is a service that allows you to include video editing in the product-service mix. With it, you need not invest any additional capital in hiring an in-house editor. 

As understanding a client’s needs and editing style is a time-consuming affair, Vidpros does not provide any free trials to its new customers. So, to ensure your peace of mind, Vidpros guarantees a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Video Editing Quality 

Vidpros is a full-time video editing service that aims to provide its clients with the best quality work over a short period of time. With a mission to save clients’ time and money, this video editing company employs experienced and trained editors to do justice to your video editing projects.

To provide the highest value to clients, Vidpros makes use of the Fraction Video Editor model. To maintain the highest quality standard, Vidpros assign a maximum of 4 clients to each editor, so that they can devote at least 2 hours/per day to each of their clients. The company believes that a low editor-to-client ratio is an important approach to meeting the output requirements of customers. 

After you sign up with Vidpros, the company assigns you a dedicated editor who will make edits to your videos understanding your needs. They edit your videos overnight and provide you with an edited person of the footage in 1-2 business days. If you need further changes in the video, communicate them through and request revisions. This review and revision process ensures you the highest-quality video that you are looking for. 

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

From vlogs, video podcasts, and ads to tutorials, online courses, and review videos, professionals at Vidpros deal with different types of videos. 

The add-on that you can enjoy with this video editing service is access to royalty-free stock videos and music to make your footage more appealing. 

5. Viddedit

editing raw video files for YouTube Channel
editing raw video files for YouTube Channel

If you are looking for an online video editing service, Viddedit is the right platform for you. From corporate training and online course videos to personal vlogs and videos capturing wedding moments, this video editing company scatters to different video types. 

Video editing is a profession that not only requires technical knowledge but also creativity. Thus, to provide clients with utmost satisfaction, Viddedit employs editors who are not only experienced and knowledgeable but also have the potential to turn your ideas into reality. 

An exceptional team with cost-effective prices and extensive professionalism makes Viddedit stand out from the crowd. The team deploys the latest and common video editing techniques to create videos that engage and make the customer happy. 

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

Working with Veddedit is easy and straightforward. You just have to follow a few easy steps:

  • Select the package according to your need
  • Upload your raw footage to the portal
  • Talk to editors about your needs, content goals, and style
  • Let editors work on your video project
  • Once done, they will share the edited copy with you for review
  • Send back the copy to the editor for revision
  • If you like the copy after revision, pay Viddedit for the plan
  • Download the edited version to upload it on platforms of your choice.

Affordability & Method of Charging 

The best part with Viddedit is that you can select your pack according to your video editing needs. The editing packs that the company offers are:

  • Viddedit Shorts
  • Corporate Video Editing pack
  • Wedding Basic Pack 
  • Family and Vacation Super Saver Pack
  • Wedding Filmmaker Pack
  • Family Video Editing Pack
  • Holiday Video Editing Pack
  • Custom Video Editing Pack
  • Drone Video Editing Pack 
  • Pictures to video Editing Pack 
  • Time-Lapse Video Editing Pack

Veddedit provides you with an estimate after learning about your specific needs. Their pricing also depends upon the raw video footage you are providing to them. 

  • Up to 30 minutes- +$80
  • 31-60 minutes- +$120
  • 61-90 minutes- +$180
  • 91-120 minutes- +$240
  • 121-150 minutes- +$300
  • 151-180 minutes +$360
  • More than 180 minutes- +$400

Video Editing Quality

Video editors at Viddedit have impeccable storytelling power, along with vast knowledge of editing tools and techniques. So, whether you are a videographer who is looking for a good editor, an entrepreneur who wants their corporate video to be informative and engaging, or a family person who wants to turn family memories into a treasured video, expert video editors at Viddedit are well-equipped and experienced to turn your raw footage into a bespoke, high-quality film. 

Editors at Viddedit make use of both trendy and common video editing techniques like clip re-sequencing, colour correction and grading, audio mixing and syncing, footage stabilizing, etc. to make your video a complete hit! 

Viddedit can also help you to fix shaky, blurry, and poorly edited videos.

Apart from all these, Viddedit offers three rounds of free revisions to its customers.

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

Viddedit edits all types of digital video formats including:

  • Wedding video editing 
  • Go Pro video editing
  • Corporate video editing 
  • Family video editing 
  • Drone video editing
  • Vacation video editing
  • Picture to video editing 

If you are looking for some different editing types, get in touch with Viddedit with your video request. On receiving your request, the Viddedits’ experienced team will get back to you to discuss your project and will send you a quote. 

Apart from fresh video footage, Viddedit deals with blurry and poorly edited videos, and turns them into high-quality films!

6. Shootsta

Shootsta is an online video editing company that aims to simplify video creation for everyone. The company offers various video editing services at a cost-effective rate. 

Having started its journey in the year 2012, this video editing company provides a video editing solution that is easy, fast, and more cost-effective than many other online video editing services. This video editing company has an experienced team for editing videos and bringing breathing life into your vision. 

Shootsta is one of the video editing services that offer both applications and services for the creation of quality video content. Whether you are a business person who wants to accelerate the sales cycle with personalized videos, a professional who wants to improve the business communication process with screen recording, or someone who wants to hire an experienced video editor for the creation of professional videos, Shootsta has a solution! 

Trustworthy Video Editing Company with video editing software, editing raw video files
Trustworthy Video Editing Company

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

One can sign up with Shootsta for FREE!


One can also contact Sootsta’s sales team to find the perfect solution for their video editing needs.

As Shhotsta has different applications and services, they all work differently. 

Shootsta Elevate:

Shootsta Elevate is an AI-powered application that helps businesses to accelerate their sales with personalized videos. Now you can cut through the noise with automated video creation. With this application, you can improve your sales team’s outreach and increase conversion rate by producing amazing videos for all stages of the sales funnel. 

  • Shootsta provides blank templates to create videos that fit your needs. These blank templates are perfect for making customized yet amazing videos. 
  • If you are not sure about how to make use of the template, Shhotsta’s editing experts can guide you with the right techniques.
  • With the Shootsta Elevate App, you get access to the Shootsta ecosystem where you can go beyond the scope of Elevate if needed. 
  • No matter if you are uploading, downloading, or just storing the video file, Shootsta keeps every bit encrypted. 
  • Shootsta platform provides 24/7 support and backup to keep your data secured. 
  • With Shootsta, you can keep your video private, collaborate with your own team or share it publicly. The platform gives you the freedom to share your video content on your own terms. 

Shootsta Cast:

Want to improve the process of communication with colleagues, partners, and customers? Take the help of Shootsta Cast to share instant video messages with them. Sharing instant video messages boosts the alignment and performance of a team. 

Shootsta Cast is a screen recording app that helps you to communicate in a personal and engaging way. 

Shootsta Cast offers FREE Trials for its new users.

  • Easy screen recording software that is perfect for product demos, training, tutorials, presentations, etc. 
  • Allows you to pause and resume at any point in your recording.
  • Shhotsta Cast comes with an adjustable webcam widget that can be clicked and dragged anywhere on-screen or can be resized at any point during your recording.
  • Shootsta Cast app lets you write, mark, and draw directly on the screen. It helps you highlight all the important points on-screen.
  • The platform lets you collaborate with your viewers and interact with them on the recording. 
  • A must-have app for teams like customer support, executives, marketing, learning and development, product and engineering, and so on. 

Shootsta Platform:

Shootsta platform is a cloud-based platform that allows you to plan, create, store, share and collaborate videos. This platform aims to keep teams on the same page. 

It allows users to plan and create content while uploading raw footage for collaboration with colleagues, clients, and Shootsta editors in one user-friendly platform. 

Shootsta Pro:

Unlike the Shootsta applications, “Pro” is a video subscription solution by Shootsta that allows users to create professional videos quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Here, the company allows you to create quality content by equipping you with the latest technology, education, and professional video production services. 

Sometimes, to create high-quality videos, you might need a little bit of support from professionals. Shootsta Pro is a video production solution that allows you to connect with their experienced videographers, editors, and producers to lift your video to the next level. 

Affordability & Method of Charging 

Shootsta creates custom packages according to their customers’ needs. 

However, the “Elevate” app by Shootsta starts from $125/month. For “Cast”, you can use its trial version (FREE trial expires after 30 days) to create and share amazing videos for free. 

Again, the “Pro” service by Shootsta varies according to your organization’s needs. However, this service is very cost-effective. With Shootsta Pro, you can create videos for as little as $500 per video.

Video Editing Quality 

Shootsta is a platform that specializes in producing corporate and commercial videos. The company has its own full-time videographers, producers, and editors who produce high-quality videos in a quick turnaround time. The dedicated editing and consulting team ensures that the raw footage you share reaches the next level. 

Professionals at Shootsta make use of the latest tools and technology to produce high-quality corporate and commercial videos that accelerate your sales cycle. 

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

Shootsta is a platform that deals with different video production applications and services. Each of the applications and services aims to help customers differently. 

Shootsta Elevate- This application has been designed with ‘piece-to-camera’ in mind. This is an AI-powered app that helps you in automated video creation. Elevate can be used for team updating videos, product information videos, follow-up videos with colleagues and clients, and so on. 

Shootsta Cast- It can be used for webcam recording, screen recording, and audio recording. It is a shareable and collaborative application. 

Shootsta Pro- You can use “Pro” to create any sort of commercial and corporate videos. Whether you are looking for an instructional video, promotional video, animated explainers or video storytelling with voice-over, the Shootsta Pro service can provide you with the best of services at a quicker turnaround time and low budget.

The platform also provides you with some impeccable add-ons like:

  • Templated scripts and videos
  • In-app teleprompter 
  • Integrated analytics and leaderboards
  • Encryption everywhere
  • Access to the Shootsta ecosystem
  • 24/7 support

7. Fiverr Video Editors

video editing companies working with  video editing software, editing raw video files

Fiverr is one of the largest digital marketplaces for freelance services. The company aims to connect its customers with freelancers worldwide. 

Fiverr caters to different freelancing services including video editing services. With this service, you just need to submit your raw footage to the hired freelancer and they will make sure to improve your videos with compelling editing and other post-production techniques. 

No matter what your budget is or what type of video you want to edit, Fiverr enables you to connect with video editors who can turn your raw footage into a masterpiece at a budget determined by you. 

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

To start working with Fiverr, you first need to select the service options in the portal. Then fill in your budget and delivery time, and APPLY. 

Once applied, you will come across several freelancers according to your budget and requirements. Go through the freelancers’ profiles to learn about their reviews and ratings. 

Once you have gone through a freelancer’s profile and have checked their reviews and ratings, consider contacting them. Click the ‘contact seller’ button to initiate a chat with them. Tell them about your ideas about the video and ask them for a plan they will follow to work on your project. At this point, you can also ask them for samples of work. 

If you are dealing with them for the first time, start with the basic package. If you like their efforts, go for a higher plan. 

Once you place your order, pay for the freelance service! 

Affordability & Method of Charging 

Video editing services at Fiverr come in a wide range of prices! 

The prices vary based on your requirements for the video project. The variables that mostly determine the prices of the video editing services are:

  • Length of the video
  • Motion graphics
  • Extra post-production requirements
  • Experience of the editor
  • The reputation of the editor
  • Availability of the editor

When hiring a freelance editor with Fiverr, always inquire and negotiate about the price of the editing with the freelancer.

Video Editing Quality 

From newbies to experts, you will find freelance editors with a wide range of experiences and specialties on this global platform. 

Thus, to hire the right person for your project, never hesitate to talk to that freelancer before hiring. Discuss your specific needs for the video editing project and ask them if they can do justice to your requirements. If needed, demand sample copies of their previous work. This will help you to judge their quality of work. 

Video editing services that you can expect from freelancers at Fiverr are:

  • Re-sequencing of clips
  • Cutting segments
  • Implementation of graphics or special effects
  • Sound mixing
  • Colour grading 
  • Adding transitions
  • Formatting and so on

While exploring the freelancers’ list, you might come across reputed freelancers with good reviews and ratings. When you choose a good freelance editor, you can expect a high-quality piece of work that attracts, engages and informs your viewers. 

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

Some of the most popular video types that the freelance editors at Fiverr deal with are:

  • Commercial advertising video editing
  • Corporate video editing
  • Event video editing
  • Explainer video editing
  • Family video editing
  • Music video editing
  • Gaming video editing
  • Fiction video editing
  • E-learning video editing
  • Social media video editing
  • Wedding video editing, and more.

With Fiverr, you can select the specialty of your video editing specialist according to your project requirements. 

8. Bark

professional video editors with video editing software, editing raw video files

The Bark is one of the leading services marketplaces that helps its customers to connect with the professionals they are looking for. With over 5 million customers, Bark is serving in around 8 countries around the globe. 

Just like Fiverr, Bark caters to different services including professional video editing services. This platform allows you to search for video editors according to your project requirements. In this platform, you can review a list of video editors, compare their profiles, go through their reviews and ratings and talk to them about your project before making a decision. 

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

Bark is an easy-to-use platform that can help you to connect with professional video editors in just a few steps. 

  • To find a dedicated video editor of your choice, you first need to search for the service you are looking for. 
  • Once you have searched for a video editor, the platform will come up with some pop-up questions like the type of editing project, the length of the source footage, the length of the final video, the urgency of the task, the platform in which the video will be played and how likely will you make the hiring decision. 
  • Once you have filled in all the answers, the platform will ask you for the location of your town or your postcode.
  • Once you have opted for the location, you will be asked for an email address for sending the quotes. 
  • On receiving the quotes from professional editors, go through their profiles, review their previous works, compare with other editors and directly contact them to discuss your project. Once you are confident with a video editing specialist, hire him!

Affordability & Method of Charging 

The pricing on Bark varies according to the country and the town. Apart from location, the video type, length of the video, footage length, experience and popularity of professional , etc. are the factors that determine the price. 

For example, in the United Kingdom, the average price of a professional video editor is £115. Similarly, in the United States, it is $250. 

United Kingdom

Nationwide- There are three packages. Great Value costs £59, the Average costs £115 and the Premium plan costs £300. 

London- Great Value costs £80, Average costs £140 and the Premium plan costs £400. 

United States

Nationwide- Great Value plan costs $140, the Average plan costs $250 and the Premium plan costs $550.

Pacific- Great Value plan costs $35, the Average plan costs $50 and the Premium plan costs $65.

South Atlantic- Great Value plan costs $120, the Average plan costs $250 and the Premium plan costs $550.

Video Editing Quality 

Bark deals with the best local video editing companies across the globe. These video editing companies are capable of providing you with the best quality service at a quick turnaround time. Additionally, while searching for video editors through Bark, you fill out all the important information like the type and length of videos along with turnaround time. this enables you to find video editors according to your choice. 

Also, Bark allows its users to compare the profiles of various professional editors and check out their reviews. Before making the hiring decision, the platform also enables you to discuss your project with the editors so that you make the right choice. 

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

As Bark is one of the leading marketplaces connecting professionals with customers, it enlists some truly experienced and knowledgeable companies to deal with video editing projects. From commercial videos to wedding videos, professionals at Bark have the expertise to deal with different video types. 

Some of the video types that the video editors at Bark deal with are: 

  • Commercial Video
  • Full-Length Movie
  • Family Video
  • Music Video
  • Short Film
  • Wedding Video
  • Motion graphics and so on. 

9. Hiring Editor from Overseas

Finding dedicated video editor and  video editing companies

Video editing is a craft that requires attention to detail, creativity, and patience. Without quality editing, the content might seem boring and lifeless. However, the process of hiring a good full-time editor can be expensive, especially if you are a solo content creator or own a small business. In such a scenario, one of the best solutions is to outsource your video editing project. It is not only an affordable option but also won’t compromise the quality of the work. 

Are you a video content creator who’s looking for an affordable option to edit their videos? Consider hiring freelancers or Virtual Assistant companies from India and the Philippines for the best possible outcome at an affordable price. Virtual assistant companies like Brickwork India and MyTasker can provide you with the best video editing services without burning a hole in your pocket.

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

Both Brickwork and MyTasker are India-based virtual assistant companies that cater to a wide range of services, including video editing.

Brickwork makes use of a consultative sales approach to provide customized solutions to its customers. The company has convenient and flexible engagement and pricing models, However, to enjoy its high-quality video editing services, you first need to fill its “Quick Submit Form”. It is a form where you need to fill in all your contact details along with the services you are looking for. On the basis of the information provided, Brickwork’s customer support team will contact you to discuss your project. After talking to them, you can choose a subscription plan according to your project requirement and start sending tasks to their video editors. 

Hiring a dedicated video editor with MyTasker is simple. To select their video editing services, you first need to register with the company and create an account. In the registration form, you need to fill in your contact details so that their customer support can connect with you easily. After learning about your project, MyTasker’s customer support team will elaborate on their subscription plans. Before committing to the plan, you can also evaluate their quality of work by activating your Exclusive Trial for $1 only. MyTasker also provides you with a Relationship Manager to address your needs and scrutinize the task process. They also help you to choose the right plan according to your budget and needs. Once you subscribe to MyTasker’s plan, they will assign an account manager to see how the process is being handled. MyTasker allows you to communicate with the employees working on your tasks through their CRM. 

Affordability & Method of Charging 

Brickwork Pricing

Brickwork is very flexible with its pricing where you can buy as many hours you need each month. They do not bind customers with any packages and make sure that your hours don’t lapse. In their monthly model, you can purchase varying numbers of hours depending on your video editing requirements. You can also buy hours according to their subscription model if you need a fixed amount of hours each month. Their subscription plan ensures backup assistance all through the month. Their minimum subscription plan starts at 10 hours per month for at least 3 months. For both the Monthly and Subscription models, Brickwork sends you a detailed utilization report for the number of hours used up. 

MyTasker Pricing 

MyTasker has a variety of plans and pricing for its customers that ranges from 10-hour/ month to a Full-Time Dedicated Assistant. They also have a Pay As You Go plan that enables customers to use MyTasker’s service without a monthly subscription. If you purchase their plans for a quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly period, they provide you with an additional discount of 5%, 10%, and 15% respectively. 

The plans and their pricing with MyTasker are as follows:

  • 10 hours/30 days- USD 140
  • 20 hours/30 days- USD 250
  • 40 hours/30 days- USD 450
  • 60 hours/30 days- USD 600
  • 100 hours/30 days- USD 900
  • Full-Time Virtual Employee/30 days (5 days a week for any business hours)- USD 1200
  • Pay As You Go- USD 18 per hour with unlimited validity

Video Editing Quality 

The video editors with Brickwork are experienced and trained. They have all the expertise to do justice to your project. Additionally, employees at Brickwork are recruited through tested methods of evaluation. Their selective hiring policy ensures consistency in quality. Once performed, every task is quality checked by seniors. They also allow you to interact directly with the video editors so that you can get the final resolution as per your requirement. 

MyTasker employs qualified virtual assistants through their strict selection method. The company also has an effective quality control process in place. To ensure quality, consistency, and timeliness, tasks performed by an editor or executive are scrutinized by the supervisors. All measures are taken to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the output.  Also, MyTasker has a team of skilled employees. Thus, if your task requires more manpower, MyTasker allocates multiple assistants as well. Also, if you are not happy with the performance of your virtual assistant, MyTasker offers provisions for changing the VA. The company also sends you the resume of their employees so that you can select your own VA according to their qualifications, experience, and expertise. You can also conduct an interview with the virtual assistant over Skype to evaluate their capabilities yourself.

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

Whether you are hiring Brickwork or MyTasker, both companies provide you with services according to your requirements. To learn about the types of video editing they deal with, you can either talk to their customer service over the phone or email them to learn about the video types they deal with and the add-ons they provide. 

10. Local Freelancer

Video Editing Services and  video editing software

For businesses or content creators with tight budgets, hiring a freelancer is one of the best options to get the work done. However, hiring local freelance editors or freelancers from local video editing services comes with its own pros and cons. Thus, you have to be aware of all the ifs and buts of hiring a freelancer before making any decision. 

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

Communication plays an important role in maintaining a standard quality of services. However, when you are working with local freelance editors, it is not possible. Remember that freelancers work with multiple clients at the same time. Thus, it becomes truly tough for them to inform you at a short notice or attend a quick call. Also, tracking the time invested in your project by the freelance editor is almost impossible. In most cases, they are not used to maintaining timesheets. Also, with freelance editors, commitment is not the best. As most freelancers handle a project single-handedly, it can be truly challenging for you if they jump ship or fall ill all of a sudden. 

Affordability & Method of Charging 

Getting a full-time employee on board is not only a lengthy process but also a costly one. On the other hand, in most cases, freelancers are easier to hire and more economical to engage. However, when it comes to assessing their quality and skills, you might struggle to get the best deal. In spite of having the required qualifications, a freelance editor might not have the necessary skills needed to do justice to your project. In most cases, they are evaluated on the basis of the previous projects they upload. 

Video Editing Quality 

There’s no such screening process when it comes to evaluating the quality of the freelance editor. Here, you only can go through the reviews and projects that they have uploaded while making your decision. 

Also, freelancers are not bound to any industrial rules and regulations. Hence, their quality of editing gets confined to their own perspective. To ensure the best quality editing, you might need to hire a separate quality checker to evaluate the work done. 

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

While hiring a local freelancer, consider discussing your project with that person. Check their profile and look for the types of videos they dealt with. Consider their previous experience along with reputation while making the decision. 

11. A Local Video Production Company

best video editing service and  video editing software

Video editing is an important part of video production. It requires creativity, knowledge, and skill. Thus, if budget is not a concern, consider hiring a local video production company. Local video editing services have the knowledge of the local culture and business practices and thus, can provide you with the best possible output. As such companies are well-versed in the language you speak, it becomes easier for you to communicate your ideas with them. 

Time Involvement, Workflow & Ease of Use

Communicating with local agencies is easy. You can meet them in person, discuss your requirements and learn about them in detail as they are within your physical proximity. When language and proximity are not barriers, it becomes easier for you to follow up with the hired agency and monitor the editing process.

Affordability & Method of Charging 

When it comes to hiring local video editing services, the pricing and method of charging depend upon the area and the reputation of the company. Remember, every company charges its clients according to the local and national economy. Thus, video editing services in Queensland or Brisbane will, in all likelihood, be more expensive than a firm located in India or the Philippines. Thus, if an overseas company has more experience and knowledge, and is charging you less than a local company, consider hiring the former. 

Video Editing Quality 

Smaller areas have less access to great talent. So, if you are not dealing with a reputed local video editing services, the quality of editing might suffer. Indeed,  local agencies are often found to hire people lacking sufficient expertise. Most local firms have less exposure to a variety of projects. Thus, their employees might not be as adept as firms dealing with international clients. Again, this is not the case if you are hiring an experienced and reputed local firm. However, as said before, reputed local video production companies may charge you a bit more and so, if you are on a tight budget, it may not be the best deal for you.

Add-Ons, Video Types & Features

If you are hiring a local video production company, consider asking them about the types of videos they have dealt with. You can go through the website and social media handles of the video editing services to check their reviews and learn if they are suitable for your video editing project. 

The Wrap Up

Video Editing Companies and video files

Hiring a video editor or reliable video editing services for your video production project is a big decision. You need to make sure that the video editing companies you choose have sufficient experience and expertise in handling whatever projects you throw at them. Therefore the best thing to do is to really make sure you know exactly what video editing tasks you’ll have before even talking to the best video editing service.

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